StarSteer is a revolutionary user-friendly geosteering software package designed to maximize the efficiency of horizontal drilling and provide improved understanding of reservoir geology.
Interactive geosteering
Multiwell/Multilog geosteering
Simultaneous model-based and strat-based geosteering
Image logs interpretation

Why StarSteer?

As geosteering grew into an essential operational component for drilling competitive lateral wells the need for an effective software solution became inevitable. This is where StarSteer, Rogii’s flagship software product, comes into play.


StarSteer is the product of decades of experience in Software Programming, Geophysics, Geology and Directional Drilling. This cutting-edge innovation is designed to provide cost-effective solutions for virtually all geosteering requirements involving drilling, well placement or post-drill analysis.


StarSteer was created by a team of geologists and drilling engineers to optimize the drilling and geosteering processes. Our team’s broad experience in directional drilling and geosteering more than 500 wells, in diverse geologic settings, ranging over three continents was a driving force in the conception and development of our next generation software product.



Optimize horizontal well placement
Reduce cost
Perform Post-drill analysis
More efficient drilling process
In-house math algorithms

Optimize horizontal well placement

StarSteer allows you to select the best well targets. It is designed to optimize well placement in the stratigraphic column in the build section, or anywhere along the horizontal, by providing continuous updates of a stratigraphic cross section throughout the entire drilling process. 


(Oct 2018)
Colorfilled logs
Enhanced SOLO cloud functionality
Nested wells
Python scripting


(Jun 2018)
Enhanced mapping features
New report template


(Apr 2018)
Fully-functional SOLO cloud geosteering platform
Mapping/Gridding capability
Interactive target line and well planning
Improved reporting template
Log calculator


(Aug 2017)
2D performance improvements
Spreadsheets paste capabilities
Preparation for SOLO-platform release


(Feb 2017)
Advanced 3D window capabilities
Dynamic Image Logs modeling
Typewell trajectories support
Advanced model-based geosteering


(Aug 2016)
3D view window
Variable formation thickness
Property fill


(Mar 2016)
Structural grids display
Image logs interpretation
Comment boxes


(Nov 2015)
Image logs display
Interactive tops editing
m or ft project units selection
% of lateral in zone calculator