As the remote horizontal well geosteering becoming more popular and commonly used for well-drilling in various locations and continents, the need for an effective software solution is also becoming inevitable. This is where StarSteer, Rogii’s flagship software product, comes into play.

Interactive geosteering

Full set of interactive capabilities for steering, a great user-friendly interface and easy data handling

Multiwell/multilog geosteering

Multiwell/multilog geosteering environment where you can use geosteering interpretation of your drilled well to steer your current well

Simultaneous model-based and strat-based geosteering

The only software that supports both strat-based and model-based geosteering approaches simultaneously

About starsteer

StarSteer is a product of extensive expertise in IT programming, Geophysics, Geology and Directional Drilling. This cutting-edge innovation is designed to provide cost-effective solutions for virtually all geosteering requirements, involving drilling, well placement and post-drill analysis.


StarSteer was created by geologists and drilling engineers to optimize the geosteering and well drilling processes. Our team’s broad experience in directional boring (directional drilling) and geosteering in more than 500 wells in diverse geological settings in three continents, helped in the conception and development of this software product.


  • Data object tree
  • Interactive Map View with multiple wells, lease lines and polygons.
  • Interactive multi-well and multi-log geosteering
  • Image logs display
  • Multiple tracks in geosteering window
  • Strat-based and model-based geosteering
  • Vertical Pseudo Log construction
  • Geosteering guidance with seismic/geomodel display in background
  • WITSML real-time data streaming
  • Data import/export: Excel, Logs, Images, ArcGIS, Grids (CPS3, ZMAP, EarthVision)
  • Access Database Reader to bring the data from other software
  • Link to Petrel® software. Export interpretations to IHS PETRA®
  • Easy reporting
Optimize horizontal well placement
Reduce cost
Perform Post-drill analysis
More efficient drilling process
In-house math algorithms

Optimize horizontal well placement

StarSteer allows you to select the best well targets. It is designed to optimize well placement in the stratigraphic column in the build section, or anywhere along the horizontal, by providing continuous updates of a stratigraphic cross section throughout the entire drilling process. 


Check the short video demonstrating StarSteer main features in 4 minutes:

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ROGII is a leading geosteering software company that is committed to providing world-class geosteering solutions – the new and emerging standard in horizontal well placement and directional drilling. We offer comprehensive solutions through StarSteer, a geosteering software designed to revolutionize the well drilling.
ROGII was established in 2013 to provide world-class geosteering solutions for Shale, Tight, Heavy oil, CBM and Conventional reservoirs.


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