11 Nov 2017

Latin America Geosteering Workshop

First Latin America StarSteer Workshop was a tremendous success!


07 Nov 2017

Geosteering in Viking formation

Another StarSteer geosteering success! Chinook Consulting used mud/gas ratios to further constrain their geosteering interpretation while using two offset typewells for their gamma ray correlation in the Viking sandstone in Eastern Alberta.

07 Nov 2017

SA Oil and Gas Council Sponsorship

ROGII Argentina is looking forward to this event!

28 Oct 2017

Geosteering With Azimuthal GR

StarSteer allows users to incorporate a variety of data in real time for more precise geosteering as well as visualize frac stages for completion design. Freedom Oil & Gas used azimuthal gamma ray image logs to drill two ~7000’ laterals ( >90% in zone) in the Eagle Ford by interpreting formation dip off of the image log in real time!


28 Oct 2017

WPX Record Well

New StarSteer Record! WPX Energy drilled 8,370 feet in under 24 hours on their 745H well using StarSteer to keep the well in zone at very high rates of penetration! Congrats WPX!