Data import

  • Lateral well’s trajectory and logs import
  • Tie-in point definition
  • Data editing
  • Logs manipulation and filtration
  • Typelogs import
  • Seismic backdrop import and georeference

Typewell referencing

  • Linking typelog to the lateral
  • Setting the reference marker
  • Linking an additional typelog for geosteering with multiple typelogs

Geosteering interpretation

  • Creating horizons
  • Segments manipulation
  • Geosteering interpretation
  • Horizons display properties

Geosteering interpretation features

  • Quick data import through drag and drop
  • Creating an additional interpretation
  • Target line feature

Image log interpretation

  • Imprting image log data
  • Interpretation image logs
  • Synthetic image logs

Map View features

  • Displaying lateral wells and geosteered faults on the map view
  • Displaying completion stages and well tops
  • Importing polygons from xls and ArcGIS shape files
  • Displaying polygons on the map view
  • Ruler tool

Importing data from Microsoft Access-based geosteering software

  • Importing the data
  • Creating horizons
  • Defining surface hole location X-Y-KB


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