Data import

  • Well Trajectory and Log Import
  • Tie-in Point Definition
  • Data Editing
  • Log Manipulation and Filtration
  • Typelogs Import
  • Seismic Backdrop Import and Georeference

Typewell referencing

  • Link Typelog to Current Well
  • Setting Reference Marker
  • Link Additional Typelog for Multi-Typelog Geosteering

Geosteering interpretation

  • Create Horizons from Typelog Tops
  • Geosteering Segment Manipulation
  • Geosteering Interpretation
  • Horizons Display Properties

Geosteering interpretation features

  • Drag and Drop Data Import
  • Create Multiple Interpretations
  • Target Lines

Image log interpretation

  • Import Image Log Data
  • Image Log Interpretation
  • Synthetic Image Log

Map View features

  • Display Lateral Wells and Faults in Map View
  • Display Completion Stages and Well Tops
  • Import Polygons from XLS and ArcGIS Shape Files
  • Display Polygons on the Map View
  • Ruler Tool

Importing data from Microsoft Access-based geosteering software

  • Import Data
  • Create Horizons
  • Define Surface Hole Location X-Y-KB


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