Data Integration

StarSteer is the center for the processing and integration of geological, geophysical and drilling data

Data integration

StarSteer geosteering software imports and exports well logs and trajectories in xls, xlsx, txt, asc, las and dlis formats. Trajectories and logs can be edited interactively, and logs can also be interactively filtered and scaled. Interpretation results can be exported as ASCII text files, which are suitable for any types of mapping software.




We specialize in creating fully interactive, user-friendly software with limitless options for modifying and manipulating data for well geosteering. With StarSteer you can move, stretch and squeeze logs in the vertical typelog window. You can also shift segment boundaries and move horizons in the cross-section window.


Data import/export: Excel, Logs, Images, ArcGIS, Grids (CPS3, ZMAP, EarthVision)
Link to Petrel® software. Export interpretations to IHS PETRA®
WITSML real-time data streaming


We would be happy to organize StarSteer demonstration online through the web-session. No boring sales presentations, it will be 1.5 hours of advanced geosteering work in StarSteer.