Rogii was established in 2013 to develop world-class geosteering technologies for Shale, Tight, Heavy oil, CBM and Conventional reservoirs.
As a leading geosteering company, Rogii is committed to providing world-class geosteering solutions – the new and emerging standard in horizontal well placement and directional drilling. We offer comprehensive solutions through StarSteer, a geosteering software designed to revolutionise well drilling.
Contact us now about any of your company’s geosteering jobs, and we will be happy to demonstrate the benefits of our expert services and our cutting-edge technologies – even for wells that have already been drilled.


  • Strong team of geologists, programmers and entrepreneurs
  • New leading edge technologies
  • Best in class solutions
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customized solutions
  • Training and support
  • Regular product updates


Applied science

Our solutions are built on applied science. We are constantly developing new technologies and innovative approaches

Technologies designed with users in mind

We make sure our technologies are user-friendly so you can easily apply them to your current needs

Modern and Interactive Solutions

Intuitive modern interactive solutions designed for ease of use

Clients Oriented

All the technologies we develop are based on our clients’ needs and objectives


StarSteer software is intuitive and easy to work with it (easier than other geo steering packages on the market).  
Also, the tutorial movies are well done, with focused information. and easy to follow.

— Opearions Manager,
Service Company.

We have been using the software for almost a year now and are extremely happy with it. I have been drilling/steering wells for a number of years in the Appalachian and Western Canadian Basins (looked after hundreds of wells), and have used several geosteering software including xxxxxx, XXX and fancy excel spreadsheets to interpret wellbore trajectories, and I can honestly say that none of these solutions compare to StarSteer.

— Operaions Geologist,
Oil Company.

Thanks so much for the updates! I’m loving 2015.2 version (I don’t think there’s been an update I haven’t loved thus far).

— Operations Geologist,
Oil Company.

Let me say thanks for all your help thus far.  StarSteer is proving to be an excellent new tool for us!

— Operations Geologist,
Oil Company.

Looks awesome guys!  The ability to change formation thicknesses will be incredibly helpful for us moving forward, as we see a lot of stratigraphic thickening and thinning in our field.  Great work!

— Operations Geologist,
Oil Company.

We have been using Starsteer for almost 2 years now and us and all of our consultants love the program.  We have had several operators switch over to it after they have seen our work and how functional, intuitive and quick the program is to use.  

— Operations Manager,
Service Company.

Between Xxxxxxxxx and StarSteer, it is StarSteer by a mile. The drag and drop file imports and one button click report making alone make it worth it. … the functionality looks miles ahead of the older options and reflects modern geosteering workflow. If it were my decision, I’d choose StarSteer every time.

— Post on Reddit,

I used XXX for five years. It is stable and works, but I picked up a StarSteer license two months ago and it has changed my life. It is by far the most innovative, efficient and attractive geosteering software on the market.

— Post on LinkedIn,


StarSteer – the next generation of geosteering software!